Xmove, IMproved (XIMove)

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Goals of this project

  1. Implement and fix extension support (Xinputextension, xshape, etc)
  2. GTK+ GUI for client migration
  3. Publish conference paper
  4. Defend thesis


  1. Check code into CvS (11/25/03)
  2. Clean compile on FreeBSD 5.x XFree86 4.x --> Many, many -Wall errors to fix, may postpone indef. Applied Freebsd patches, unmapped window patch
  3. Even though 4.4 is out, I'm still targeting 4.3 until license problems are resolved -- now using xorg 6.7.0 and later (XFree will still work)
  4. Chapter 2 (draft completed) [04/01/04]
  5. Get xshape working (in progress) [8/16/04]
  6. Get Xinputextension working
  7. Chapter 3
  8. Optional RENDER support
  9. Optional GLX support
  10. GTK+ GUI Alpha
  11. Update man pages
  12. Chapter 4
  13. GTK+ GUI Beta
  14. Chapter 5
  15. GTK+ GUI Final
  16. Final update to man pages
  17. Chapter 1,6, Bib, Appendix
  18. Write journal article
  19. Present at conference
  20. Defense
  21. Publish source

Xmove resources

Xmove Message boards

I have recieved many emails requesting support for the original Xmove and feature requests in XIMove. Please visit the forums and post your problems and suggestions.